Welcome to Snowy Ridge Designs! I create fine handcrafted furniture, working with clients to develop beautiful pieces that meet a wide range of artistic and functional goals. My shop is located in Spokane, WA, where I am inspired by the gorgeous landscapes and natural beauty of the area. While it is always a treat to work with locals in nearby communities, I welcome opportunities to collaborate with clients in any location.

Proudly participating in Artfest 2020!

Featured in 1889 Washington’s Magazine:


I am passionate about crafting unique pieces that embody both artistry and purpose. While this selection of my recent projects provides a sense of my style and the types of pieces that I have produced, I encourage you to contact me to discuss options for creating furniture that is perfect for your home.

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Ryan McCulloch, PhD

Spokane, WA

Who I am

I love the outdoors and am inspired by nature and the stunning beauty in trees. I am grateful every time I have the opportunity to form a creation from wood that is imbued with the natural beauty that comes from a living tree. There is a warmth, an allure, that comes from furniture finely crafted from wood that cannot be replicated with manmade materials.

Why I build…

As a young child, I joined my grandfather in his woodworking projects. As I grew, he joined me for my projects, making rubber band guns, bowls, and myriad wooden creations in his basement. Building on this very special foundation, I developed a life-long passion for crafting fine furniture, and I cherish the process of creating each unique piece. My interest in design and building led me on a journey that included the pursuit of a variety of engineering degrees, including a PhD. However, I am always drawn back to wood and the satisfaction that comes from creating a fine piece of furniture that will be used for years to come. I derive great joy from pairing my sense of design with carefully honed woodworking skills to create high-quality, handcrafted pieces that my clients cherish.

What I craft…

I see beauty in clean, crisp lines of a well-built piece of furniture. My style of building is best characterized as modern, contemporary, or mid-century modern. If you are interested in partnering to bring to life a fine piece of furniture, please contact me.


I encourage you to get in touch to discuss your furniture needs and ideas. One of my favorite aspects of woodworking is collaborating with clients to develop a shared vision of a piece that will be loved for years to come. You can also contact me to inquire about the availability of pieces or various wood combinations.

I look forward to working with you!

Please contact me by sending an email to snowyridgedesigns “at” gmail “dot” com